Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Atlanta and Destin September 2013

B had to be in Atlanta for a deposition so we decided to make a long weekend trip to the beach. Anna and I spent the day at the Georgia Aquarium and had a great time. She LOVED the fish and I liked the dolphin show. It was maybe a little long for her to sit through but she made it- with snacks! Then we drove on down to Destin for the weekend. This was our first and probably last trip as just the 3 of us. :(
Why am I stuck in this chair?

Finally free!

Beach baby

We had a LOT of naked time at the beach.  The sand gave Anna a rash under her swim diaper- ouch!

Hey- what does this say?

Umm, I have a question about this "Big Sis" thing.

Okay, I guess I'll accept it.

Proof that we were all there!

Love walking the boardwalk and splashing in the puddles in my Crocs.

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