Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Birmingham Fun!

On the way back from the beach, Anna and I stopped in Birmingham to spend the weekend with friends.  She had fun getting her face painted at the Farmer's Market, eating lunch with the Johnson's, going to a baby dance Rave with Harper, and hanging out at Casa de Brooks.
First time!

Only a slight hand through the heart.


This lady was awesome with babies!

Bath time fun

Dance party!

Friends forever!

That's right- a super hero in training!

Memorial Day Fun!

We skipped town over Memorial Day to the beach before Bryan had to leave for trial in Miami.  Anna had fun playing in the sand but it was a red flag most days so we didn't spend a lot of time in the ocean.  Her favorite part was playing in the baby pool and she loved spending time with her cousins!

Favorite mode of travel on the beach

Happy Memorial Day!


Until he tries to take my sunglasses.... Not cool Brooks...

I forgive you for taking my glasses, will you marry me?

The ocean might be too rough but there are always tidal pools.

Best toy ever- a watering can!


Cousin kisses are the best!

Anna and her big cousins!

So happy!

Sweet cousins!

Even Roxie had a fun weekend camping in my parents' new camper!