Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Party Time!!!!

We had a first birthday party around here on Saturday.  The theme was April Showers (think rain drops, umbrellas, and rainbows) so guess what the weather did- rained all day!  Perfect to fit the theme.  The good news is we could do everything inside and all was well!  A had a great day and we were so thankful that all our family could drive and join us for the big day.  I had fun planning this party and coming up with ideas, although I have decided that Pinterest is the devil!

Food Table

Everyone's Cake

A's Smash Cake


Thanks Mrs. Johnson for the banners and cutouts!  Too Cute!

Not sure what to do about the candles- at least she didn't try to eat them or burn her fingers off!

Hmm- Cake?

About as much as she liked it~

I'm over this cake stuff- I think I'll drop it off for Roxie to clean up!

Who are these people and why are they so close?

OOHHH, a big one!

What does this do?


Beth and Dandaddy

This is how opening presents went- A didn't care or know what to do so all her cousins helped!

Katie, Dandaddy, Amy, Grammy, and SK

Thanks for coming to the party- see you next year!  :)