Thursday, October 31, 2013


The news was calling for terrible weather- storms, tornados, etc.- and it did rain all day. Bryan came home early so we could carve pumpkins inside. Around 6ish it stopped raining and was just very windy so we set out!  We visited about 10 houses and got a lot of goodies!

She did not want to help carve pumpkins.

Putting the glowsticks in

Big Helper

Trick or Treat!  A refused to wear her hat

Twin Piggies!

Trunk or Treat

Trunk or Treat was a big success at our house.  It was the day before Halloween and since the weather on Halloween night was supposed to be iffy, we decided to try it out.  She really liked walking between the cars but did not get the whole take candy from a bowl thing for a while.  She would find a car she liked (ones with suckers) and keep going back to that car.  She was the cutest little piggy there!

Explaining the ropes

Halloween Bash

Anna and I decided to throw a last minute Halloween party for some friends to get to wear costumes at least one more time this holiday!  And I figured we should do all fun things before this baby is born and life changes again.  Thanks to the devil- Pinterest- the food was really cute but the kids in costumes were cuter.  I forgot to take many pictures though so I am bummed about that. :(

Pumpkins and Ghosts

Monster cheese balls, cheese and crackers, and mini cupcakes


Elaine and Anna (this is as close as they would get to each other and to looking at the camera)

My niece and nephew- clearly he loved having his picture taken!

Monkey Man

Pumpkin Patch Fun

We visited the Pumpkin Patch earlier this month and had so much fun.  A LOVED petting and feeding all the animals at the petting zoo.  It was pretty crowded the day we went, but what did I expect on a 75 degree Sunday in October??? 

How precious are these donkeys?

And the fat pig?

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Baby T 2

I figured Peanut needs his/her own post.  These are pictures I took before church last week when I realized that I have neglected Baby and taking pictures along the way like I did for Anna.  Sorry, Baby, I imagine this is not the first or last thing that is neglected!

Amy and I, due about 2 days apart!  September 1- 24 Weeks

26 Weeks

Hey- what's in there?

I love the Baby!

Atlanta and Destin September 2013

B had to be in Atlanta for a deposition so we decided to make a long weekend trip to the beach. Anna and I spent the day at the Georgia Aquarium and had a great time. She LOVED the fish and I liked the dolphin show. It was maybe a little long for her to sit through but she made it- with snacks! Then we drove on down to Destin for the weekend. This was our first and probably last trip as just the 3 of us. :(
Why am I stuck in this chair?

Finally free!

Beach baby

We had a LOT of naked time at the beach.  The sand gave Anna a rash under her swim diaper- ouch!

Hey- what does this say?

Umm, I have a question about this "Big Sis" thing.

Okay, I guess I'll accept it.

Proof that we were all there!

Love walking the boardwalk and splashing in the puddles in my Crocs.

September 2013

Some pictures I took that I thought were pretty cute from an iPhone:

Monster Feet

Jack (13 months) and Anna (17 months)