Tuesday, April 30, 2013

1 Year Photo Shoot

A few weeks ago we had a friend take some pictures of A for her first birthday.  These are a week or two early but SO CUTE.  She did a great job.  There are some really great ones of A and Daddy that I can't wait to order and hang in the house!  Thanks Darci!

Here are some of my favorites, although it was hard to choose!

Sunday, April 28, 2013

11 Months

March 30th

It's hard to believe that A is already 11 months.  She is walking 4 or 5 steps on her own but falls and mostly likes to crawl to really get anywhere.  She says Bye-Bye anytime someone leaves (unless you want her to of course), she says Mama for milk or more (as in food), she moos (really she says booo) when asked what a cow says, and roars when asked what a lion says.  She still loves the paci at night in her crib to sleep and she is still on 4 bottles a day.  She eats mostly table food, the only baby food she will east is if she doesn't see any other type of food around.  Otherwise, baby food is out!  She likes to throw food off her high chair for Roxie when she gets finished eating or when she doesn't like something.  Her favorite foods are grapes, chicken, broccoli, peas, peppers, cheerios, turkey, and cheese.  She does not like strawberries, cottage cheese, lettuce, or applesauce. I'm sure there are others but I am drawing a blank. She loves to walk in her "walker" around the house and is pretty fast in it, so watch out Roxie. 

Here are a few pics from 11 months- very difficult to catch!

Cheering on the Cats early in the SEC tournament (Friday to be exact!)

Bathing Beauty

This is one of my favorite places to climb-inside any door that opens and then I throw a small fit when you make me
move. :(

Not big on the hair bow.

"Oh, I'm bigger than this owl now.  I'll sit on him to prove it!"

Happy Happy Happy

Showing off my wheels

First SEC tournament game- Yes, it is a UT game but it was so empty we could get in.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter 2013

We had a busy weekend!  We went to an Easter Egg hunt on Thursday, had cousins stay the night Friday, and then went to Hoptown on Saturday. We were supposed to go to Sturgis to see my grandparent's on Sunday but Mamma wasn't feeling well so we stayed in Hoptown instead.  We attended church, had a delicious Easter lunch with my parents, sister and family, and Grandmother Parker, and then an Easter Egg hunt with both the Parker and the Thomas families.    
Family Easter picture

The Easter bunny visited on Sunday morning and brought A puff-filled eggs, candy, a few new outfits (including her birthday party outfit), new "beginning-walking" shoes, and some bath toys.  She had fun with everyone!

 All the Parker kids got matching outfits so we tried them on before church:
Both kiddos looking up to Parker- I imagine it will be like this for the  rest of their lives! 

Bronson Easter picture

Parker in her Easter dress
 After church, both sides of my family came over to my mom's house for an Easter Egg Hunt:

Jack had the best seat in the house- riding around in the wagon!

Beth hunting in her 4th Hunt OF THE DAY!

Daddy helping A find eggs!

Grammy, Dandaddy, and Pop

Me, Pop, and Katie

Sarah Katherine, Roxie, Dad, and Anna

Katie and I 

SK on her 4th Easter Egg Hunt too!

Chillin in the Wagon

Happy Easter!!!!

Easter Egg Hunt

We went to an Easter Egg Hunt last Thursday at my sister's house. It was very fun, we brought our lunch and then the kids hunted for eggs. Anna got one or two and could care less about the candy, but she REALLY liked the eggs. We now have a few eggs around the changing table for entertainment purposes!
Mom and Mimi, look at my eggs!
Do they go in here? 
Parker in the background- this is as close as they got during the Easter Egg hunt.  Parker was way too busy trying to find eggs to take a picture. 

Month 9 and 10 Pictures

I guess I forgot to post months 9 and 10: Month 9- January 30th This month we learned that A is bigger than the owl: But smaller than Roxie! I tried to get Roxie and Anna to pose together in the chair- it didn't go well! This is the best I got. Maybe from now on we will try the floor. Month 10- February (would be 30th) but I think we did the beginning of March instead. It is getting harder and harder for me to take these pictures. She won't sit still long enough to take a picture!!! Busy-busy-busy!