Saturday, November 3, 2012


Lots of fun here! My sister and two kids came to stay, we went home for a hayride (unfortunately I don't have any pictures of that), and playdates with friends all happened.

October Beach Trip

We went to the beach in early October. The weather was awesome and we had a great time!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Mike Wyzowsky

A and I went to the library today for story time. I guess in honor of Halloween, it was a monster theme. Unfortunately there were only two babies there (with us) so it was a bit awkward. Anyways, we played with monster finger puppets which she only liked to eat and danced to the Monster Mash.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

First Meal

Well, A tried rice cereal today. She made a mess and I don't think any went down her throat. I can't say she enjoyed it, but I thought the faces she made were hilarious! Maybe tomorrow she will like it a little more. I also won't make nearly as much since she barely ate any of it. I guess it is mainly for play right now anyways, rather than nourishment.

Five Month Fly By

Wow- I cannot believe it has been five months!!! We have been very busy around here, going to the zoo, visiting with friends, going to the beach, and having family visit that I was almost 2 weeks late taking these pictures. OOps.
See how big I am: I barely fit into the chair sideways anymore.
I love being on my stomach for short periods of time. No, I can't crawl yet...
but I can touch the back of the chair...
and BONK, I pushed off the back of the chair and had my first head bang. Yep, head straight into the ground from the chair. Luckily, Mommy called the doctor and they said to check me every couple of hours at night to make sure I woke up and I should be fine. Didn't even have a red mark or bump.

Who Does A Look Like?

Who Does A Look Like??? A few years ago my sister was blogging when her first child was born. She uploaded my naked baby picture, her naked baby picture, and Parker's picture to compare. I am working on posting the link so you can compare for yourselves. A (4 Months)
Oh- you are still here?
Mommy's Favorite!

Four Months- Hard to Believe

Month 4- August 30
It's not always rainbows and ponies though. Sometimes, I don't like my picture taken...

First 3 Month Pictures

1 Month- May 30th
Month 2- June 30
Month 3- July 30